Know Your Scholarship Dollars

Your worth as an athlete is not dependent upon the amount of athletic aid one receives from an institution. So often, coaches, parents, and players get caught up in the money game, but it is time to start being honest about what one truly is worth as a player and if one is not happy with the number, seek other options to get college paid for, but in the meantime play for the love of the game and stop acting like it is a job. There will be plenty of time in the future for a job!

Now, here is the truth of the matter, at least for Division I. Division I schools, if fully funded, have 12 athletic scholarships. This means 12 full ride scholarships can be divided up between however many are on the team roster, usually 15-25. What that means is....not everyone is going to be on a full ride. So now that the secret's out...quit expecting to be a full ride athlete 100% of the time.

Now, for private schools and schools outside of California, most of the time, academic money is available. What this means is if a player is offered a full ride, but 50% is athletic and the other 50% is academic, there should be no offense taken to that offer. It is the same thing as having 100% of your school paid for, except you are actually helping the program by only taking half of a scholarship and leaving 11.5 left to divide between the rest of the team.

Academically strive to be the best student one can and score as high on the standardized tests, and one will be amazed at the money that one can qualify for.

All this being said, there is more to it than what meet the eye. If a school is only graduating one senior and that so happens to be one's dream school......understand and everyone else who wants to go to that school is fighting for that one particular scholarship and you don't really even know what the percent that player is on anyway. That senior may only be on 20% total, so that is what the coaches can give out to the recruiting class that replaces that senior. In addition to just the available money, that graduating senior may be a third basemen, power hitter. If one is a center fielder, slapper, it might be really difficult to fit the mold of the senior that the school is trying to replace.

So, if one's dream school has no money to award, but offers a spot on the team; there are alternate ways to get school paid for. If playing college ball and attending school is a dream, do not let money stand in the way of that. There are so many scholarships that one can apply for and student loans that are available.

I know student loans are what everyone tries to avoid, but the truth of the matter is that they will allow one to get through school and when all is said and done, graduate, and find a job; then one can start paying them back!

My main message really is to know your worth as a player and if the dream is to play in college, do not let anything stand in the way. There is a place for everyone, no matter what the level.

2015 Graduates

Time has not passed. If you are a 2015, trust me, there are always colleges looking and some may still have money available. Every college has a different situation; they may have had a kid transfer, quit, or decommit, so there is money available late and unexpected.

Position Breakdown

Below is listed the order from the most amount of scholarship money to the least. This is not true for every school, but I would say it is the norm.

1. Pitchers
2. Catchers
3. Short Stops
4. Power Hitters - Game Changers
5. Middles - Speed
6. Outfielder - Speed
7. Corners

Just to reiterate, quit expecting to be a full ride scholarship. It is more rare than the norm. Double check your position on the depth chart as well and that will give you a good idea of how much an offer, if made, could possibly be. Lastly, like I have mentioned in previous posts, if one is playing for the love of the game, is coachable, and can run....there is a really high chance of playing college ball, just sacrifice and find a way to pay for it.