Are you Coachable?

The definition of coachable is the "capability of being easily taught and trained to do something better" ( It is a word that is thrown around so often, but rarely with the emphasis and magnitude of its worth. To be coachable is one of the most rare but truly inspiring qualities. To play at the next level, coachability is the foundation to which growth, effort, and attitude are maximized to become the best player imaginable.

Players that are coachable have the highest ceiling of potential. A player that is average can turn into a good player and a good player can turn into a great player. It is all in the ability to take criticism and listen to the words and feedback of coaches and apply it to any task that is laid out. A lot of people believe they are coachable, but there is a big difference in listening to what a coach or someone has to say and really listening and applying what they say. The best players are the ones that can take the emotion out and hear the message.

With every message that is delivered, there is the choice made by the player whether or not to put forth the maximum effort at the next drill or any task for that matter. Effort is controlled by the player by understanding that being coached will only improve their game. If the player can put forth maximum effort 100% of the time, their game will continue to be constantly elevated.

Lastly, a a positive attitude is coachable. When a message is delivered and the immediate response is poor body language or a horrible attitude; that player's skill set will plateau. It's the players with the "ready for anything" mindset and "what's next coach?" mentality that will continue to improve. Those players are constantly seeking more and wanting to elevate their game. Their ceiling for gaining knowledge will never be reached because they always want to learn and know more. These are the players that come early and stay late, or the All Americans!

Overall, being coachable is a skill that not many have. When PSA's attend camps, this is the main skill that needs to be practiced. No college coach wants to hear about why you do not want to do the drill the way they are asking you to do it because your hitting, fielding, or pitching coach says to do it differently. Seek more knowledge, learn as much as you can from as many people as possible, and maybe you will be the next All American!! Attend every practice, game, camp, etc. with the expectation that one i going to grown and learn, put forth maximum effort, with a positive attitude!!

Are you coachable?