So you want to get Recruited? 3 Critical Steps to Success

So you want to get, so does everyone else! When looking at the facts, there is about 7.8% of the total number of high school softball players that are competing in college softball and even a smaller percentage of those competing at the Divison I level (  If your dream is to play softball at the collegiate level, one must complete and master three critical things: target schools of interest, attend camps, and make oneself memorable.

1. Targeting schools is the most important part of this process. As a prospective student athlete (PSA), one must make a list of non negotiable items (i.e. major, location, weather, softball program, etc.) After this list is made, the PSA needs to do some research and find out what colleges have those non negotiable items and then start to narrow the search of schools. Once this is complete, the PSA has a better pool of schools to market herself towards and can then start the next step in the recruiting process.

2. The second step in the recruiting process is using the list of schools one has compiled and attending those college's camps or camps where those schools will be in attendance. This is important because it guarantees the PSA that those schools will be in attendance and have the opportunity to work closely with those coaches in sport specific tasks. Camps are also a great way to showcase one's talent and get on a coaches radar, so that when they are out recruiting; they will make it a point to come watch one play.

Again, this guarantees that one will be seen by those college coaches. When one attends a showcase tournament, there is no guarantee that a coach will show up to one's field at that specific time and see one play. The PSA has no control over games times and field locations, so if the PSA has horrible game times as well as field locations, the chances of coaches being there are slim.

3. Lastly, it is important to make oneself memorable when given the opportunity to be in front of a college coach. This opportunity to be seen at a camp cannot be taken likely. Be the loudest one on the field, hustle in and out of the dugout, to the next drill, or even to get water. Ask questions to the coaches. This is the PSA's opportunity to have any and all questions answered by coaches that are on the PSA's targeted list. Take advantage of the opportunity. The more the PSA can engage with the coaches, the more memorable the PSA will be.

Try these three critical steps and see how it can help in the recruiting process and potentially increase one's odds of playing at the next level. Target schools, attend their camps, and make oneself memorable when given the opportunity.

Happy Recruiting!