When coaches go to showcases nowadays, it is all about showcasing certain athletes and giving every player their fair share of time. That's crap!!! Go back to the days where pitchers pitch a full seven innings, and there is a straight nine or ten in the lineup and no courtesy runners. It makes no sense to continue to practice these poor habits of limited innings, altering the game, and playing on time because when players get to college; they are not prepared.

Limiting innings is the biggest mistake that can be made for a player growing up and trying to improve their game. Pitchers, catchers, infielders, and outfielders alike all suffer from rotating throughout the game. Players get a limited number of balls per position per game as it is. When players rotate every couple innings to the bench or to another position; their chances are that much more slim and exposure and skill development suffer.

Pitchers get to college these days and can only throw 3-4 innings because they are only conditioned to throw that much. Catchers are not conditioned to be in the heat, squatting with gear on for a full seven innings for multiple games in a row. Middle infielders and outfielders lose focus after a couple innings because they are not used to being locked in for that long in a game.

The real game has seven innings, nine in position, and nine in the batting lineup. There are certain rules that must be followed. Why does the game change so much from summer ball to college?

A batter should not be able to be up seven times in one inning because a coach is there to watch. Courtesy runners every inning for a pitcher and catcher make no sense whatsoever. In college, a player can be ran for one time a game. Coaches are doing a disservice to pitchers and catchers by not allowing them to run in game. They lose all their instincts and base running skills. When these players get to college, they are having to be retaught all these skills that could have been mastered at such an earlier age, had all players and coaches stayed true to the game.

Staying true to the game, would mean that all teams and tournaments play out seven innings in full. Although, not practical for all the big tournaments with a ton of teams; it would be nice to see a full seven played. Players get to see the game being on the line and the pressure that the game can bring when seven innings are being played and it is not based on a time limit.

Challenge one as a player and one's team to stay true to the game and see if one can play a full seven innings. See how the game plays out and start competing for championships, rather than for an hour and twenty minute time cap!